Mayo, I hate you

June 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Remember that clever little blog post I posted on Sunday all about my endeavors of eliminating sugar, and that recipe of homemade mayonnaise that I shared? Yes, well- being sugar free has so far been a success. The mayo however… let’s just say that after four, yes- you read that right, FOUR batches of failed, runny, not-so-mayo like mayonnaise, I was ready to a. cry b. throw my food processor across the kitchen and c. cry some more.

In enters my husband. I hand over the ingredients (quite angrily, I might add), he gets out my hand blender, pulls up a you-tube video, and voila! Light, white, fluffy mayonnaise. Granted, it reeked of olive oil since that’s the only oil we had left to use (after I rid our kitchen of every other oil we had); but he made another perfect batch with sunflower oil tonight. Now bacon, gravy, and mayonnaise are his kitchen cooking specialties. Oh, and BBQing.

Now I just want a super delicious chocolate cookie.


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