My Fascinating Trip to Walmart (no joke)

June 22, 2012 § 3 Comments

One thing after another happened today while I made the perilous (yet necessary) trip to Walmart. Keep in mind, my list at Walmart is always very short, very focused, and I only shop at Walmarts on Friday afternoons; it’s been one of my goals in life to avoid Saturdays at Walmarts like a plague. With that being said, the last 20 minutes spent at Walmart were some of the more interesting and emotional Walmart moments of my life. (I know it sounds like I’m really hyping this up, but keep in mind that Walmart trips are most always boring.)


It started with a stand off in the bread aisle. Two Mexican ladies stared each other down as neither would move to let the other by. Me? Stuck up against the shelf right between them, along with one other lady in front of me that was not allowing me to move. With a huff, I wedged my way backwards and out of the congestion, only to allow the Mexican ladies to both dart for the now empty space between them. Spanish rambling ensued. (I promise this gets more exciting.)

Then I stand in the checkout line. In front of me is a very young mother accompanied by a, I would guess, seven year old daughter. The daughter was getting a plastic cell phone that she saved up for to pay for herself, and the mother was buying two bikinis, three pairs of work out pants, and a pile of other stuff I couldn’t sort out. She noticed those mints at the checkout, the ones that feed the hungry. She picked up a bottle of them, took a moment to read it, explained to her daughter that when you buy those mints, they help then poor, then slammed the mints back into the holder and exclaimed “Well, the poor don’t need no help from me! I’m not helping any starving, that’s for sure!” What a lesson to teach your child.

The lady and her daughter left, then four boys and a too tan mama came up behind me in line. Gatorade, fruit snacks, M&M’s, cookies, chips, kit kats, and marshmallows were placed onto the belt by the boys. I heard her whisper to them that if they were good, they’d get those snacks this afternoon. That’s not too big of a deal, I understand, but it just kind of made me and my almost-sugar-free-lineup of food grumpy. Then, the cashier made me super grumpy. I organize my food on the belt so that all the cashier has to do is put the items, in that order, into bags. The cold stuff is with other cold stuff, the cans and jars are all together so they can’t crush anything, the breads and chips are last on the belt to prevent from any smashing or breaking, then the toiletries are kept separate so they’re not in with the food… well he completely threw my system out the window and grabbed things from the back of the belt, shoving it into bags with items from the front of the belt. I had tissues with my tortillas, bread with my ice cream (it’s no sugar added, so shush), and jars with my shredded cheese. I was not a happy camper.

So then I pay, and irritatingly start walking off just to be interrupted by a sweet old lady passing by with her cart. “Mam,” she started, “you need to get on a plane right now and fly to New York City.” I stood there, smiling, waiting… “Because you should be a model!” Awh, how sweet. “You’re so tall, and you’re so beautiful, and I’m being serious! You make this Walmart lane look like a runway!” Grumpiness? GONE. I told her she was awfully sweet to think that, and let her go on her way.

With a new kick in my step, I headed to the Subway counter for some lunch. To make a really long line story short, the girl that was helping me with my sandwich was a complete mess. She dropped her knife, she couldn’t remember what I asked for, and in between each question she had for me she accompanied it with a sigh (as well as looking like she was about to cry). I asked her if she was okay, and of course she replied that she was, but I felt like we needed to talk some more. Unfortunately, the long, long line behind me didn’t allow for that. I guess I’ll just do some praying for her- God knows what’s going on even if I don’t.

Last scenario- as I was leaving Walmart, melted ice cream in my basket and a mediocre sub in my hand, I got stuck going very slowly behind a family, a loud family with three seemingly disobedient boys. Once we got outside, I was able to safely pass, but couldn’t help but hearing what the mother was screaming at them. “If you don’t shut up, when we get home I’m going to kick ya in the face!” I paused and looked over at her with a concerned look on my face. She didn’t notice, but the dad standing there did and put his arm around his wife to calm her down. “You just listen to me right now or I’m going to drag you across this parking lot to the car!” I felt like stopping, and telling her a thing or two, especially since the boys weren’t even being all that bad (that I could tell, as in no temper tantrums or anything).

I got to my car and took a deep breath. Man, this world can be so dysfunctional. You have people that can’t bring themselves to be polite, people who don’t want to help anyone who needs it, people who could care a less about the “world’s” problems, and people who have no obvious direction for their lives. Then there’s those (some at the age of 85) who just want to be nice and tell someone something that might make their day a little bit better. I hope I’m that person, and I hope I’m never too busy, never too involved with my own selfish plan, to take the time out of my day to be the positive and not the negative.

So that’s it, that was my fascinating trip to Walmart. I’m almost ready to go back to the boring predictable ones.


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§ 3 Responses to My Fascinating Trip to Walmart (no joke)

  • Suzy Coulter says:

    It’s a generational thing. We were taught better. Today’s kids – well. And if it had been me I would have butted in to each situation and told them what I thought. That probably would have made things worse, but it would have made me feel better!

    • I feel the same way… I wanted so badly just to speak up, but I asked myself- Will this just make them more mad, and them mad at me? Or will they be thankful I spoke up and really listen to what I have to say? My conclusion made for silence. ^_^

  • Aunt Pam says:

    And that’s why we go to unsavory places … so we can see the hurting world and be of help, even if it’s only to pray for them. Jesus hung out with hurting people most of his ministry. Good for you for knowing what to do!

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