Aesthetic… Thursday?

June 29, 2012 § 4 Comments

I’ll admit, I didn’t post an Aesthetic Thursday post on Thursday on purpose. I thought about it several times throughout the day and just wasn’t in the mood. It’s probably because my mind and heart have been elsewhere. I live in Colorado Springs, so as many of you can imagine, the fire has had a pretty close impact on my life. Thankfully, the closest the fire has come to our home was when it was 6 miles away- but so many people have lost their homes, so many have been evacuated from their homes, and so many fire fighters are working hard every day to save this beautiful city and our beautiful state. Makes me a bit more grateful for the beautiful mountains that surround us, lush and alive in their beauty- untouched by the destructiveness of fire.

Today I want to share a home decor challenge of mine that’s been making me think a lot lately. My kitchen. See, I have a crush on retro. And while this crush is pretty overwhelming at times, I’ve decided to keep my distance in a very non-committal relationship. So I turn to what I know I want in a kitchen, and it’s the colors: red, black, and white.

See that floor? I love that black and white tiled floor! Love it so much that I could see it as a backsplash- but here’s when I get carried away and start making no decorating sense whatsoever. Photoshop tells me a tiled backsplash like that might not be such a good idea. Getting too close to retro.

Black, red, and white kitchen via Houzz

Oh, the elegance. As much as I love black cabinets, I feel like I could never pull it off. I have the fear of completing the cabinets, then feeling like I’m in a dungeon, a dungeon that cannot be undone.

Gray cabinets

Someday I’ll figure it all out; but for now, let’s all just take a moment to ponder over the loveliness of a well done black, white, and red kitchen. Ah… *a moment*


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