Sweet Sunday

July 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’m posting this way later in the day than I had intended- but unfortunately, my recipe for today took me FOREVER and was probably the first real baking disaster I’ve had in long time.

Oh, Pinterest, how I love thee. I found a Samoas Girl Scouts Cookie recipe! I thought- too good to be true! Well, my thoughts were right- though they did turn out DELICIOUS, and I ate more making them than I did the actual cookie, but that’s sometimes the best part for me.

I started by baking the shortbread, and this is apparently where I went wrong. You know me… no refined sugar girl. So I substituted the sugar with raw honey. Well in a shortbread, you need that dryer consistency that makes it really heavy and crunchy. The gooey, soft, sticky honey didn’t let this dry effect happen, which ultimately resulted in the shortbread crumbling, not allowing it to stick together enough for me to dip in chocolate. (This is my assumption since it’s the only thing I did differently from the recipe. Keep in mind, I do live at 6500 ft, and many baking attempts go bad because of that sole reason.) My solution? Glue together the pieces with chocolate! (I’m a culinary master, I know.)

Glued Together Samoas

All in all, over two hours of hard work and frustration, these messy little bars do satisfy a piece of the that Girl Scouts cookie craving I get on occasion. Here’s a brief recap in photos:

The Ingredients

Best Part

To tell you the truth, this is truly the best part. After mixing the melted caramel and baked coconut, I took some of the extras that I didn’t need to spread over the shortbread and stuck some chocolate chips in it. Oh yum.

The Final Samoa

Messy, gooey, difficult, ugly… delicious. If you so desire to attempt this yourself, make sure your shortbread is perfect and that you have several hours to solely devote to baking cookies.


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