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August 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I’m not quite back to blogging yet. August 4th, this Saturday, is our big moving day; and though 1/2 of our home is still very much not packed, it can’t get here soon enough. I cannot describe to you the feeling of owning a home, our very own home… and having it sit, empty, 10 minutes away from us for a whole two weeks. We’ve spent some time over there, painting, taking over miscellaneous items, and shampooing carpets- but it’s time. It’s time to move. So, that being said, life won’t be back to somewhat “normal” until after this Saturday. Here’s a short post that I typed up a few weeks ago that you might just enjoy in the meantime.

My husband, John, and I become strangely similar to grumpy, hibernating bears in winter months. We’re convinced there’s absolutely nothing to do all winter long except sit on the couch and follow our “favorite” tv shows. Then at the first sign of summer, we come to life- beginning with that refreshing menu of summer time foods, hiking on the first day of “it’s above 60,” fishing on lake shores dressed in jackets, jeans, and tennis shoes… we thrive on warm weather. John is inspired to loose weight, I’m inspired to tone my thighs (bahaha), and it’s rare we don’t have something planned, every weekend, and almost every weeknight.

Our dog, Dasha, is a Husky German Shepherd mix. Look just how cute she is:

Yep, and she’s 11 months old. She bounces off the walls, so a trip to the 2-3 acre dog park is in order almost every single night of the week. John and I love it because it’s an easy four mile walk we can get in. We hike, hike, hike… any chance we get, but usually hike the same trails over and over because once we find something we love, we stick to it (though we’re trying a few new trails upcoming). Our newest thing- biking. We both just scored some ancient used bikes on craigslist that are in awesome condition. We did our first 18 mile ride a few weeks ago, and my husband is more diligent than ever in riding every night- and not easy routes, I might add. He’s in softball, I’m in yoga (mostly on my own at home now)… and fall is only a few months (gah- more like two months) away. I wish there was some way to keep up this type of a lifestyle in the cold Colorado months. And I know there’s a way to do it better than we have been doing it- one way being a gym membership. But notice all these active things we do are all outdoors. We need to find that balance and that active lifestyle in the winter months to keep ourselves from grumpily settling back into winter like we almost always do.

As an fyi, remember that little no sugar, no flour ordeal I put me and my husband through back in June? Well- it’s coming back (to an extent)! My husband had a bit of an ah-ha moment a few days ago, and while during our experiment of a no-sugar, no-flour diet we didn’t notice a huge difference, going back to eating normal we notice more of a difference. Sluggishness, gaining of weight again (even with all of our activity), feeling gross and groggy after eating large meals; so I think instead of a 3 week change, it’s becoming more of a life change. Now all that to say- we’re still allowing ourselves our moments. I still want a giant piece of cheesecake, and John would still like his massive burger from Rocky Mountain Brewery. It’s just time to take our sprints of being healthy to actual life changes to being healthy. We’ll see how well we do when we go on vacation in just a few weeks. Phew…

That’s it for now.


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