Time For a Road Trip?

August 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

AND we’re off! John and I left this morning very, very early- and we’ll be driving a straight 17 hours to Illinois! That’s right folks, check it out:

Oh, Nebraska and Iowa how I look forward to you.

John and I love driving straight through without stopping for an overnight rest. A. Because then we get to our destination faster (duh). And B. Because we have this excellent road tripping system. We switch off driving, napping, and getting gas (for the car, though John sometimes thinks otherwise). We plan out ahead of time the cities we’ll stop in for gas based upon our average miles per gallon and train our bladders accordingly to tell us we have to pee at the same time we have to stop for gas. Since we’ll be bringing food along, there’s really no need to even stop for food. So there you have it! I’m hoping to post here and there while on the trip. We have so much planned, I’m quite excited. We love to fill up our once-a-year vacation with lots of traveling, visiting, seeing, and doing- oh, right, and RELAXING. We actually plan for this, people, because what’s a vacation without some relaxation?

The quick plan:

Friday-Saturday (8/24-25) visit with John’s family, see a Cub’s game and spend a day in Chicago.

Sunday-Tuesday (8/26-28) stay up at the family cabin in Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin. This is where the relaxation part comes in: boating, fishing, eating, sleeping- cannot wait for this.

Wednesday-Friday (8/29-31) it’s wedding time! Staying at close friends’ home, hanging with lots of friends, doing lots of Wisconsin things. Then Kev and Betsie get married Friday evening. Yay!

Saturday-Sunday (9/1-2) more hanging out with friends. Visiting John’s church and stocking up on some cheese curds.

Monday (9/3) driving home. Straight 17 hours again- unless we decide to leave Sunday night. In that case, we might do a little sight seeing on the way home. Either way, Tuesday means work.

And that’s it. Our long awaited vacation and hopefully some good one on one time with the hubby. Sucky thing about life being busy is that sometimes life gets in the way of each other.

Because I love the cabin so much and am now looking forward to it so uncontrollably, let me share with you a few pictures from last year:

Here it is! The cabin up on Lake Boygan in Wisconsin.

This is one of my favorite things to do up there- photograph the Lunes out on the lake. There’s nothing like sitting on the porch in the evening, hearing their call, and my husband and I rushing down to the boat with my zoom lens and camera. John will literally row after these guys and they’ll just swim calmly away. Crazy when they dive and pop up on the other side of the lake though. Oh, I hope they’re around!

That’s us! At the end of the driveway by the cute family sign. Oh, I’m glowing with summer.
How I love summer.

This was the first fish I caught up on the lake, though many catches after that one were much larger. Look at me and my John Deere hat- I’m such a red neck when I’m up there. 😉

Here’s to vacation! Did you have/do you have any fun plans for the summer?


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