“You fell for home ownership!”

August 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

That’s what I felt like my kitchen faucet was mocking me with when it decided to bust out a leak on me only a few short days after buying our home. It started with a high pitched squeal- one of those really annoying ones that gives you another excellent reason to not do the dishes. Then I reached for a plastic bag underneath my sink, only to instead get a fistful of water. No.

What we think happened was that since the sink wasn’t used in over 10 months, the seals dried out. It most likely didn’t show up when we did the home inspection because we only ran the water for a few short seconds vs. the 20 minutes I ran it to do the dishes. So- new faucet time. Can I just say, faucets are freakin’ expensive? Oh, my word. And of course I wasn’t about to just buy a plain jane one. John and I have decided that if we’re going to replace things that go bad in the house we will replace it with quality things and things we actually like/want. Okay, side note:

Do you find it absolutely and completely ridiculous that us Americans are so concerned with what our water comes out of? Millions across the world don’t even have access to any water. And many who do have to walk many long, often deadly miles to get to it. And here I sit, all picky as to what my water comes out of. Oh what any of those families would give to have running water in their homes. We are so blessed.

So, back to my 1st world country story: Luckily, my parents had a great faucet that they had stored away in the their garage, unused for several years. It was a really nice one too, the kind with the pull down spigot. Well, that lead to fail number two. Since that one hadn’t been used in a while, the same thing happened to the seals and after we spent an hour figuring it out and getting it installed, the second we turned on the water- LEAK. Ah, man. Then we turned to a reliable and well discounted source- Costco. They had a great quality brushed nickel pull down faucet for $85. While it wasn’t quite as stream lined as I would have preferred, I sucked it up and praised God we didn’t have to spend over $300 on one. Here’s my “happy” husband holding up his failed faucets. Now this, people, is the face of home ownership.

Let the games begin.


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