The Cloudy Thoughts of a Sick Person

September 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

This morning I woke up with my head feeling as though it was literally ready to explode. I almost would have preferred someone breaking into our home and hitting me over the head with a sledge hammer (and for those of you know about my continual fear of people breaking in, you’ve got to know it was bad). I drug myself upstairs to the guest bedroom where my sickly husband lay, and announced- “I can’t see. I can’t breathe. I can’t… stand (image of me falling onto to his bed at this point). And I have to go to work.” That’s right- while my sick hours are numerous and just sitting there in my list of available accruals awaiting my claim, with all that’s going on at work I cannot skip it. So here I sit, on my couch, avoiding leaving for work on time, wondering what the day will hold and whether or not I can make it through. Thankfully my parents took Dasha off our hands for the next few days, so we don’t have to worry about her pitiful whining at our bed anymore. I know she doesn’t quite comprehend the fact that why we’re both laying in our bed at 7 pm is because we’re feeling terrible, but really- must you swing your two foot long tug rope into our faces? As much as I miss her, it’s good she’s gone.

So today, with a great deal of Sudafed in my system, the only thing I feel inclined to share is a few photos of our trip to Wisconsin. Family, friends, and good times…

Good friends and a photo shoot in the sunflowers. Doesn’t get much better…

…Oh wait, except for dancing in them! Ahah.

Yep, just us out on the lake. Nothing more peaceful, calming, relaxing.

A quick day spent in Green Bay to tour Lambeau Field and hang with friends.

A quick stop in Chicago.

Here they are, the handsome wedding gents (plus photo bombers).

Then there’s us with the bride and groom! So happy for them. They look alike don’t they?

Oh to dream of vacations past… *snifffffff* *cough*


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