Aesthetic Thursday- Wreaths

October 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

I. Love. Wreaths. And though it may be hard to imagine, I’ve loved wreaths even before the dawn of Pinterest. When I was a kid I would make wreaths with my grandma. My favorite were the Christmas ones. Styrofoam, lots of thick red ribbon, berries, holly, garland… GLITTER- people, these wreaths were magnificent! Unfortunately, I don’t think any of them have made it this far (styrofoam isn’t exactly material of a lifetime), so all I have left are the memories. Oh, and passion for making more wreaths.
I’ll admit, Pinterest has encouraged my love of them and has inspired a few designs (most all of them in my head thus far), but I finally went to Hobby Lobby and bought a few wreath-y supplies. I love crafts and DIY projects, but often don’t have the time to do it all of the time. So I figured I’d make a wreath that could change between seasons (if need be). So here’s my version of a bare boned wreath. I’ll admit though, for fall I almost like it so simple and plain. Or maybe I’ll stick some brightly colored leaves from my yard in it.

Branch wreath, ribbon, wood letter, paint, and some hot glue.

We can “c” you.
Make fun of me, I dare you.

Who says dead branches are depressing? I think they’re lovely.


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