Aesthetic Thursday- Fall is Here

October 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Whether or not I’m ready to embrace the fact- fall is indeed here. I’m not a fan of cold weather which I think shows in my wardrobe. I’m in a constant state of denial, therefore sweaters don’t exist. Don’t get me wrong- I actually love wearing sweaters. But for whatever reason, when I’m out shopping, they just aren’t on the mind. I’ve even been known to buy sundresses in the dead of winter. (Yes, sundresses ARE sold in the dead of winter. You just have to know where to look.) It also doesn’t help that my birthday is in the summer which is usually the time I request a large sum of money for the sole purpose of spending it on clothing. Who buys sweaters in July?

John and I celebrated our two year anniversary on Tuesday. I know, I didn’t do a “I’ll love you forever and ever” post, but I’m really not one to gush over the internet about my husband. I love what we have- he’s my best friend who spoils me, does all that he can for me, leads me through life with his godliness and lovingness, and is constantly loving on me (which makes a girl feel oh-so-awesome at not oh-so-awesome times). But I’m not one to gush over the internet about him (shhh, no mind that I just did).

Anyway, we took an anniversary trip up to Estes Park, Colorado a few weekends ago. We’ve decided going anywhere ON our anniversary weekend is pointless because every year so far- it’s SNOWED. So this year we went up to Estes the weekend of the Elk Fest (laugh it up- we did). We also did a jeep tour, though it wasn’t exactly the one we signed up for. It was a great afternoon, and speaking of fall? This place said it all:


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