Trick, No Treat

November 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Well, Halloween was fun this year. (That was sarcastic.) We see, on average, about 20 to 25 children playing on our street every single day when we get home from work. So we figured- there will at least be 25 children that will show up to our house for candy on Halloween, let alone all the kids in the neighborhood who we haven’t seen, as well all the kids from neighborhoods around ours! So, we bought $30 worth of candy, put it all in giant bowls, lit up our pumpkin, and waited eagerly. Only about six groups of children showed up, that’s roughly 15 to 20 children. And I could tell- they weren’t even from our neighborhood. I believe this was due to a combination of things. First of all, over half the houses on our block had all their lights off, so trick-or-treaters didn’t see the worth in only visiting the three homes at the end of the street. Second, the neighbors really went all out on their porch with lights, sounds, creepy spiders… We literally heard the children running past our house as they exclaimed the coolness of our neighbors house. John almost ran out in the yard after them with the bowl full of candy. He said later that we probably should have advertised throughout Halloween week that our house was going to have candy. “On Halloween WE WILL HAVE CANDY!” There was one point that we were so desperate, we practically filled the entire bucket of a little three year old who was too terrified to even look at us.

Coolest kid of the night- Wolverine. An adorable three year old who couldn’t even get out the words “Trick or treat!” Which, by the way, what’s with kids not saying “trick or treat” anymore? We literally opened the door to a large group of children who all just stared at us. Finally, after an awkward moment or two had passed, one of the older of the bunch mumbled it. Oh well…

Here’s a color palette inspired by the proper way of eating candy corn. I have a lot at my desk- it makes my teeth hurt.


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