A Little Color Theory (Freebie)

January 10, 2013 § 1 Comment

I’ve had this “Dominant Colors and Responses” chart since college. My teacher compiled it for us from the book: Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color, and I use to know this list better than the back of my hand. This list was our final in our design class, and it was no simple true/false crap. This was an entire multi-page final complete with matching and fill in the blank. I had to know that Fuchsia is dynamic, not Bright Pink. And Grape is sophisticated, most certainly NOT Lavender. Has knowing all of this color information helped me at all in my design career? The answer is a resounding YES. Color theory is a part of each and every project. Color is the life blood of a design piece. It’s actually the life blood of emotions as well. Why would anyone paint their child’s room a bright yellow color if they know it evoked energy?

So, I took this ragged edged sheet of paper and re-typed it all up. I also added a few fun elements and even color coded the words themselves (please don’t judge absolute accuracy!). You may save the list to your computer as well as print it. Just click on the list below, right click, and save image as…

Enjoy. And please, use color CORRECTLY.

Dominant Colors & Responses- A chart of colors, their meanings, and emotional responses | Free to print!

Click image, right click: Save Image As…


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