Sweet Sunday: Salmon with Butternut Squash Goulash

January 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

(Hmm, thought I scheduled this to post yesterday. Apparently I did not…)

I’m quite excited over today’s recipe, most likely because I thought of it myself (kind of). I saw a butternut squash goulash recipe a while back and told myself that the next time I needed a refreshing side dish to make some up. Couldn’t find the recipe, so I decided to put one together myself. I decided to use my new cast iron grill and mix some salty fish with the sweet butternut goulash- and it turned out great! I did over cook my fish slightly (which I have a tendency to do), but all in all it got raving reviews from the husband. If you don’t have a cast iron grill, you can just sear the fish in a skillet first and put the fish and goulash (wrapped in foil) into the oven afterwards.

Salmon and Butternut Squash Goulash

Salmon with Butternut Squash Goulash | Finicky Designer


2 Salmon fillets (wild caught, with skin still attached)

Sea salt and fresh pepper

1 lemon cut in half (or lemon juice)

1 box or about 3 cups brown, long grain rice, cooked

1 small butternut squash, cooked, cubed

2 cups fresh spinach leaves, sliced

2 tbsp. olive oil


Rinse salmon fillets and let sit out, covered, for about 15 minutes prior to cooking. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Rub sea salt and pepper onto fillets (the side without the skin) until completely coated. Squeeze a generous amount of lemon juice onto fillets. Place cast iron grill pan on stove-top and gradually heat up so that it’s warm to the touch. In a medium-size bowl combine rice, butternut squash, and spinach. Squeeze some lemon juice over the goulash and softly mix. Turn up the stove to medium-high and add 2 tbsp. olive oil to grill pan. Once oil begins to smoke, add fish to pan skin side up. Add goulash to pan. Stir goulash around the fish to keep it from sticking. Once fish has grill marks on it, turn over the fillet so that the skin is now down, directly on the grill. Put a piece of foil over the pan and transfer it to the oven. Cook for about 5 minutes. The key is to check the fish often. You want the fish to flake apart easily and still be nice and pink, but not “jelly” looking.

After taking it out of the oven, immediately remove the fish from the pan (so that it doesn’t continue to cook) and let rest on a separate plate for about 5 minutes. Serve with goulash on top of fish (and don’t forget to remove the skin before eating, unless you’re like my husband and enjoy eating the skin- blek).


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