I quit! Sugar?

February 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

So after the holidays (meaning after our intestinal systems were bombarded with sugar overload and we became processed food addicts for several weeks) John made an important household decision- We’re going off sugar again.

Last summer I sabotaged the month of June and told my husband we would be going off of sugar until the fourth of July. And the cake that I would bake for the fourth of July would be a celebratory feast of sugar! Little did I know that decision would alter our perception of sugar for good, and that a big sugary cake with multi-colored frosting would no longer be appealing to us. My husband dropped the weight (specifically how much? No idea, we don’t have a scale. But let’s just say it was enough weight for people to actually ask him about it) and all of sudden we had a boost of energy- that was AFTER the initial stage of headaches and grogginess.

I haven’t actually used white, refined sugar since then, but have instead chosen agave nectar, raw honey, and (in very small amounts) raw sugar over it. I’ve also made an attempt to sweeten naturally with fruits, steer away from large amounts of gluten in our diets, and weed out the processed foods. That being said, life got busy, and from November up through the first week of January, we ate poorly. Granted, we didn’t eat terribly… just… poorly. And we noticed a huge difference in the way we were feeling. So, I’m back at it! Three weeks ago, we eliminated sugar entirely, including fruits. Now, that comes with a side note: there’s really no way (that I’ve found) to completely eliminate sugar. Carrots even have sugar in them. And a lot of carbs we eat turn into sugars when our body processes them. So when I say we went entirely off of sugar, what I mean is- no desserts, no fruits, nothing processed, no foods with added sugar, etc. (Now is when I must admit a moment of weakness- I ate 3/4 of a doughnut, a doughnut a lovely coworker brought into work for me. I immediately regretted it, though. I promise.)

The week after that? Epic fail. February, along with all of its sweet goodness, hit us hard. Even though this time around we weren’t experiencing the headaches and stomachaches, it was so much harder! I got these crazy cravings, and neither of us really felt like it was necessary to hold off in giving in to them. Excuses poured in, no weight was being lost, and I- not John, but I, completely went off the deep end. Mmm, cheesecake! Fruity smoothies. Truffles. Fudge from Cripple Creek? A pound of it! Ah… what in the world has gotten into me?

John and I say all of the time: This is change in lifestyle. Sugar is a place to visit. We’re not doing any of this to win a competition, see how long we could possibly go with being “good,” make others feel bad when they have a giant slice of chocolate cake, be more controlling… Honestly, I’ve read enough on how sugar effects the body to know having it every day isn’t good. I know how much better I feel when I stay away from sugars and breads, and that’s why I want it to be more of a lifestyle change than anything else.

So… *drum-roll, please* We’re doing the Whole30! (Please ignore the poor design of the following banner)


We’re going to do the Whole30 program as our initial kick-off. Back to the basics, off of sugar, and on to the food God gave us! This is going to be extremely challenging for us, especially since we are a couple that runs off of dairy. Yum. But- I’m confident we can do it. I already have the entire month of March planned out, meal by meal. Hoping that this cleanse gets our bodies back on the right track! What can you expect to see? A quick weekly update (for accountability sake). What you won’t see: a play by play on the meals we’re consuming, or daily updates in regards to the Whole30 plan. I don’t intend to do this as a guide for others. Maybe I’ll consider it when I go on my fifth year of it, but for now- not so.

Phew- I thought going off of sugar alone was difficult. This should get interesting…


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