Whole30: Week 1 Recap

March 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Ugg, first week of Whole30- DONE! Here’s a quick synopsis along with a few favorite photos:

Most challenging part of the week: Feeling HUNGRY. I know that my insulin levels are high, so my body is telling me to EAT MORE though I just had a giant salad topped with a -nearly- whole cucumber, shredded chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and homemade dressing. Come on- that lunch is way more filling than whatever crap I’d usually eat!

This week’s guilty pleasures: Coffee. The last time I went off sugar I also went off caffeine, so just the fact that I can have a big cup of coffee with a splash of coconut milk is enough to satisfy my rebellious inner-self. When I begin to dream of rich chocolate cake, I sneak into the kitchen and brew myself a cup. Muahaha… And Banana “Ice Cream.” Tuesday night was rough. I was working away on design projects when all of a sudden I was overcome with bitterness. Why on earth am I doing this? Do I really think I need a cleanse? I eat pretty healthy already anyway! I want a freakin’ cookie! That’s when I marched myself to the kitchen and blended up some frozen bananas with coconut milk and unsweetened cocoa. Ahh, it was indeed the closest thing to a dessert that I had experienced in five (whole) days.

This week’s favorite meal: Whole chicken on a bed of carrots, sweet potatoes, and onions. Stuck an organic chicken in the oven in a roasting pan on veggies- we loved it. Why don’t we do this simple meal more often?

How I’m feeling this week: First few days I felt like I was in recovery mode. My body hated me and I couldn’t stop thinking about the small handful of chocolate chips I had left in my cupboard. Wow, I actually hadn’t thought of those since Sunday. *impressed* Days at work were easier, just had to avoid the snack boxes and treats served at a going away party. By today, I’m feeling more accomplished than anything, which takes away the hunger pains I’m still experiencing (sort of…). I have been feeling a bit grumpy, but that could be due to other annoyances in my life.

Why this week is going to be even better than last week: I’m going to better manage my inventory of food in the house. I told my husband that he didn’t have to count calories because when you’re eating real food, you can just eat when you’re actually hungry as long as you keep it low in sugar. That settled well with him until he realized there wasn’t much in the house to just snack on. So I’ve been brainstorming all week on some new snacks. Not only are our meals going to continue to be fabulous, but now our snacks will be as well!

My favorite things: (including play time with the nephew)

That would be kale and sweet potato breakfast sausage. Then Chipotle's only Whole30 approved meal. And you know I couldn't include a photo of my favorite: chocolate banana ice cream.

That would be kale and sweet potato breakfast sausage. Then Chipotle’s only Whole30 approved meal. And you know I couldn’t help but include a photo of my favorite: chocolate banana ice cream.

This is so much more important than food:

My nephewLove you, nephew.


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