Whole30: Week 2 Recap

March 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Most challenging part of the week: Convincing myself I feel better and can now go back to eating “normal.” I’ll admit I had a cheat of the week: two bites of a doughnut and piece of pizza. (But, to make excuses for it, we were offered it at the Springs Rescue Mission. It was their “thank you” to us for doing volunteer work at their place on Sunday. Good excuse, right?) But honestly, I do feel better. Hunger pains- GONE. And those crazy cravings I was having? Basically gone. Once in a while I’ll think of a delicious helping of pasta or large piece of cheesecake… but other than that, I haven’t been craving much of anything. It is hard to say “no,” however, especially to free food.

This week’s guilty pleasures: Trail Mix. I know… I’ve really stooped to a lower level. It’s just that I really don’t care for trail mix. UNTIL I made my own. While it was difficult to find all of my ingredients “unsweetened,” once I did, it was totally worth it and eaten daily. (I even ate it for lunch one day.) Organic raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, and salted almonds. This week’s trail mix includes an assortment of nuts (can’t even begin to tell you all of them), raisins, orange craisins, and dried plantains. Mmmm…

This week’s favorite meal: RIBS. Slow cooked them in the oven for half a day, then my husband threw them on the BBQ. Who says a dry rub on ribs isn’t amazing?

How I’m feeling this week: Fantastic! Anyways much better than last week. I’m no longer craving doughnuts and cookies (though I am still craving cheesecake) and I feel happy and satisfied with what I do have to eat. I’m also not hungry all of the time anymore. Though, I’m probably eating too much fruit. Grapefruit in the morning, bananas or apples as a snack, and oranges in the afternoon. So to balance it out I just make sure my lunches and dinners are packed with veggies! Though that strawberry salad last week was. so. delicious.

Why this week is going to be even better than last week: It has become routine. I made a private board on Pinterest in which I’m repinning some of my pins as a meal list for the week AFTER Whole30. I was sure it would be loaded with pasta dishes, breads, and divine desserts. But what I’m finding is that I’m more drawn to everything I’m eating right now. It’s not a big deal to eat eggs for breakfast, a salad/soup for lunch, and meat with veggies for dinner. It’s simple, delicious, and makes my gut feel pretty darn great. That being said, you better believe I’m making a cheesecake that week after Whole30.

My favorite things:

Pink grapefruit- YUM. You know I've made banana ice cream when... And a glimpse of my trail mix.

Pink grapefruit- YUM. You know I’ve made banana ice cream when… And a glimpse of my trail mix.



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