Sunlight and Mountains

February 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

Happy 2014 (okay, I’m only one month late… come on)! Oh, what a year 2013 was. While we didn’t take any exotic trips or stumble upon any large life altering events- it was a blessed year. We made such wonderful new friends, we had awesome family get togethers, and- we redecorated our home! (I might be a tad bit more enthusiastic about that than my husband… though he’s been quite the trooper.) While we were blessed to move into a home that didn’t require much work, my interior design style was screaming at me. I love minimalism. I love neutrals. I love gray and white. The dark wooden blinds were covering the best part of our home- the afternoon sunlight and the view of the mountains. So I started there. I stripped all the windows of their coverings. Then we purchased about five gallons of Rockport Gray Benjamin Moore paint, and before long… this happened:

Finicky Designer | Rockport Gray Living Room

Finicky Designer | Rockport Gray living room update

Finicky Designer | Rockport Gray dining room update

I find myself sitting on my couch, sighing with happiness. It feels so clean, so fresh. We don’t have anything on the walls yet, so it’s still a little cold. And this year we’ll be focusing on a few major projects that’ll make it even better- new wood floors, all updated hardware, hopefully new kitchen cabinets… but until then, I have sunlight. I have mountains. And I have a wonderfully peaceful place to sit and read my book.

Finicky Designer | My Mountains

The view from my living room windows.

Maybe I’ll eventually put aside my laziness to take photos with something other than my phone…


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