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I have organized my blog posts under certain categories below, starting with my most popular posts.

Most Likes and Pins

DIY Nightstands from an old desk




Graphic Design



Coming soon!


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  • Hi there. I'm Melody. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. Design is a big part of who I am, so I've decided to share some of my most fascinating happenings with people who take an interest in what I do. Enjoy my quirky design adventures- happy reading!
  • New month. New awesome things on the horizon. No better way to start it off than meeting with incredible business women (and coffee) who speak into my life and business! Surround yourself with people that fill you up. 💪 Let's hustle this month! #successandthecity I don't usually share photos of my little love on my business account, but some Mondays require a fluffy mohawk to bring on the sunshine and smiles. 😁 I'm heading to Denver in a few hours to meet with a new author and brainstorm for a beautiful, unique book cover for her upcoming book. 📖 Happy Monday! Keep it fun. ✌️
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