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  • Hi there. I'm Melody. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. Design is a big part of who I am, so I've decided to share some of my most fascinating happenings with people who take an interest in what I do. Enjoy my quirky design adventures- happy reading!
  • Finally a little glimpse of winter in Colorado! Today seems like a Play > Design kind of day. ❄️ Tons of extra Christmas cards from last year means a creative update to them for this year! (Gold embossing... with my toaster oven. 🙈) I always have fun every year putting together creative gifts for the year's new clients, especially since I work with primarily writers, and they're super fun to buy for!

Packages going out in the next few days. 📦 Then it's on to wrapping the family gifts and getting them under the tree. 🎄 It's my last full week of work for the year, and it's without a doubt a crazy sprint! 🌟
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