Who I Am

I’m a 26 year old that lives in the sorta-kinda rural mountains of Colorado. I believe that every day I wake up is one more day God has blessed me with.


I’m a full-time graphic designer for a non-profit ministry that helps children in poverty. Seeing those sweet and joyful faces every day is what keeps me going. I love trying new things, traveling with my husband, spoiling my dogs, and baking late at night. I think that having a lot of money is nothing if you don’t give some of it away, and that we should never get too “settled in” since God has a perfect plan for each of our lives that we can’t even begin to comprehend.

I don’t have any children… yet. But I do have three nieces and two nephews whom I love to death. Family means the world to me, friends (though located all over the country) are my world, and my husband I’m kind-of-sort-of in love with.

Thanks for taking the time to take an interest in me.

www.finickydesigns.com       pinterest.com/creativemelody/

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  • Hi there. I'm Melody. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. Design is a big part of who I am, so I've decided to share some of my most fascinating happenings with people who take an interest in what I do. Enjoy my quirky design adventures- happy reading!
  • Happy First Father's Day, my love! I'm feeling so grateful for all you do for us, and continue to love you more as I watch you step into this amazing role. We have so much love for you.

Happy Father's Day, all you amazing dads (including my own ❤️)! #fathersday2017 And I’m BACK! Life is more different (in a crazy beautiful way) than ever, and Finicky Designs couldn’t be in a better place to be accepting new client work for August!

My little fox butt here is Emerson. I started Finicky Designs FOR this little guy (before I ever knew him). My heart desired to be at home full time, making a priority out of life and love, creating my own schedule, and working with inspiring clients that remind me why I simply LOVE what I do.

While on a short maternity leave, I was able to fill my schedule for the summer months, and expand Finicky Designs’ capacity by subcontracting to some excellent, lovely designers that I’m proud to have partnered with for local clients. This week I’m diving into a new author brand design, and next week I meet with a new inspirational author for a book cover. It’s full steam ahead with a new sidekick, a positively Finicky team in the making, and more sunny days filled with plenty of creativity.
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