Who I Am

I’m a 26 year old that lives in the sorta-kinda rural mountains of Colorado. I believe that every day I wake up is one more day God has blessed me with.


I’m a full-time graphic designer for a non-profit ministry that helps children in poverty. Seeing those sweet and joyful faces every day is what keeps me going. I love trying new things, traveling with my husband, spoiling my dogs, and baking late at night. I think that having a lot of money is nothing if you don’t give some of it away, and that we should never get too “settled in” since God has a perfect plan for each of our lives that we can’t even begin to comprehend.

I don’t have any children… yet. But I do have three nieces and two nephews whom I love to death. Family means the world to me, friends (though located all over the country) are my world, and my husband I’m kind-of-sort-of in love with.

Thanks for taking the time to take an interest in me.

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  • Hi there. I'm Melody. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. Design is a big part of who I am, so I've decided to share some of my most fascinating happenings with people who take an interest in what I do. Enjoy my quirky design adventures- happy reading!
  • Writing a book can feel daunting and overwhelming. And while I KNOW you have the potential to become an author and self publish your own book, we all need a little help in taking the right steps to ensure our self-published book is successful and reaches our ideal readers.

One of the most valuable things a first-time self-published author can invest in is a great book coach. A book coach is one of those people you wish for as you dive into self publishing, and aren't sure if they actually exist.

I'm hear to tell you that they DO exist, and that Amy Collette (@positivelypowered) of Unleash Your Inner Author is one of my absolute favorites.

Today on the blog I share an interview with her where she shares some excellent advice for you first-time self-published authors. 📚 Link to the post in my profile!

Thanks for sharing, Amy! Last night I put away the yoga pants and traded them in for my fanciest pair of white lace pants (you heard that right) for a night of meeting some amazing new authors. One of my favorite book coaches, Amy, invited me to attend a private authors' dinner at @theperservery in Denver where I had the pleasure of meeting five up-and-coming self published authors, AND one of my very own authors who I've recently designed a book cover for (Skype can't beat face-to-face)! It was such a great night, and a fantastic reminder as to why I partner with Amy and work with such incredible people.

Coming soon: a guest post from Amy where she dishes out some valuable advice for new authors. Look for it next week!

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