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Before I decided I wanted to pursue Graphic Design, I wanted to be in the Interior Design industry. I love interior decorating, but after a year of college and many wise words from teachers, I decided the risk of becoming a carpet store salesman was too high. So I dropped out and shipped myself to Florida to obtain a communication in visual arts with a concentration in graphic design degree (officially, that is what it’s called) and therefore sit behind a computer screen every day. In order to keep pursuing my love for interior design, me and my husband take on home projects including the painting and restoring of old, ugly furniture and as of recently (because we just bought a home), decorating! Enjoy some of my home project posts below, and if you’d like to follow me and my home decor style on Pinterest, just visit me here.

$40 Shopping Spree

Nightstand Upcycle Sneak Peak + Master bedroom color scheme

Nightstands from an Old Desk

Black, Red, and White Kitchen Ideas


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  • Hi there. I'm Melody. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. Design is a big part of who I am, so I've decided to share some of my most fascinating happenings with people who take an interest in what I do. Enjoy my quirky design adventures- happy reading!
  • This morning I met with two amazing boss ladies for brunch, and it was so incredibly authentic and motivational! There are some seriously amazing things on their horizon, and it's inspired ME to get some things on my own horizon. Sometimes my days are merely about surviving (especially when your Mac decides to lose its operating system, and it takes 35 hours for your Time Machine to get it all back for you)β€”but I need to remember to continually plan for greatness and put those high-level goals in place so I can continue to grow.

Really, when I look back at it, this whole week was full of amazing connections. A quick monthly check-in with the lovely @tarjacreative and a much-needed professional + personal afternoon chat with @sweetiekaykelso. I am SO blessed by the people that continually speak into my life. Happy Friday (though it feels more like a Monday around here...)! My black pumpkins are prepped and pumpkin cookies are about to go in the oven. All that's left to do is jump in my pjs before I head to tonight's pumpkin painting party! πŸ’ƒ I love this kind of creativity, especially with fellow designers @whiskeyandred and @moriahriona. πŸ’›πŸŽƒ
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