Regaining Focus

February 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

This past year I’ve blogged more consistently than ever before (you didn’t know I had several failed two-posts-a-year blogs, did ya?). And I’ve SO enjoyed it. However, (and this is just like me) I tried to tackle it all. I enjoy so many avenues in life, and want to experience/try it all before I die! But I have to come to realize, some things I try just don’t have to be shared, especially if I’m of no authority over it. So, I’ve decided it’s due time to narrow down my subjects and figure out what I really enjoy blogging about most.

#1: Design. I know, I know… obvious, right? But truth is- I’m a professional graphic designer and I have quite a wealth of information I can share with the world. I know InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator like the back of my hand, so why not share a few tutorials? And then there’s the side of artwork and creation that I completely enjoy and want to push myself further in creating things I love in my free time. I want to share with you my art, my creative thoughts, and my design knowledge.

#2: Home projects. Mine and my husband’s hobby is the redoing of furniture. We always have one project or another underway, we’re always working on some little home improvement project, organizing, painting, yardwork, you name it! Am I an expert at home projects? No. But I do think I know enough and enjoy it enough that it’s worth sharing. Besides, how else am I supposed to find people to rant and rave (or laugh) over my next-to-nothing creations if I don’t have a blog to share it by?

#3: Life’s observations. Reviewing some of my most popular posts, I see that people really take an interest in my opinion and my observations about various things. And having to write something meaningful and coherent is a good challenge for me. I “paint pretty pictures” all day; tapping into the form of written communication appeals to me and is hopefully enjoyable for my readers.

So, what did I eliminate? Recipes. (This was a tough one to swallow.) I LOVE to cook and bake and I’m always trying new recipes. But truth is, I’m not a food blogger. I’m also not a food connoisseur and am completely content with grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes for dinner. I will, most likely, mention from time to time an excellent recipe I found- But as far as typing out the recipe and posting photos, I’ll leave it up to the original cook to take care of that.

I also eliminated crafts. I know, I haven’t done much in regards to crafts before anyway, but unless my crafts exhume a phenomenal amount of creativity and innovation, no one needs to see another Pinterest craft duplicate. While I’ve finally started learning how to sew, there’s really no need for me to share with you my so-easy-it-isn’t-even-funny pillow covers or failed attempts at scarves. And I don’t even want to begin telling you how-to when I’m still figuring out if I even know how-to.

Sweet Sunday and Aesthetic Thursdays are no more. But what I do want to ADD is a weekly recap of my life in regular/Instagram photos (yep, I’m going to become “one of them”). This way my failed crafts, yummy recipes, and random dog escapades can still be displayed- quickly, painlessly, effortlessly.

I hope you enjoy the new content. I’m looking forward to writing again and really honing in on what it is that I enjoy most. Thanks for reading. šŸ™‚

OH, and just in case any of you have missed it, it has been SNOWING bucket-fulls this past week. Three blizzards in one week! Crazy. I’m so glad my puppies love the snow.

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